How long are your consultations?
Anywhere from 30 – 60 minutes. This phone or Zoom call is a great way for us to get to know each other, your wants and needs for your photographs and how I can help you achieve the final product you’re looking for.

How do I book you?
Once we’ve had a chance to chat, a quote will be sent to you via email. For this, I’ll need your full name, email and address for your quote/contract/invoice. You’ll have a chance to read over all this information and to book you simply need to accept the quote online. Your retainer is required to be paid as well as contract signed in order to be considered booked.

What if I need to make changes to my quote?
Simply send an email and I’ll be happy to make an update.

What if I need to reschedule?
Please notify me a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your scheduled session date of any change of schedule in writing. This is important as sometimes studio, assistants or equipment has been booked for your session.

What is your estimated delivery timeline?
This depends entirely on the complexity of the shoot and editing process as well as time of season. Summer months are generally busier than Winter which can extend delivery deadlines. With that being said I always aim to deliver in a timely manner. Simple headshot sessions can be 24-hour turnaround whereas larger branding shoots can take 3-4 weeks for final delivery.

What is the file size that you deliver?
All session bases come with Web-friendly delivery sizes. This is 72dpi at 2048px which is suitable for online media such as websites, Social Media and Email. This is an unlimited use license which allows you to use the images internally or externally to promote your business or event. This license does not include advertising and reselling of the image. A custom quote can be provided for High Resolution upgrades or additional licensing on an image.


What do I need to bring to my session?
A 60-minute session gives you time for 1-2 outer layer changes (Cardigan, blazers, suit jackets, etc) so if you have a couple of colours you’d like to try, please bring this along. If we’re shooting on location, try to keep items to a minimum or have a bag that can be easily carried to ensure we can minimize the amount of time it takes to move items from location to location.

How do I prepare for my session?
I encourage you to have a good sleep the night before as well as to drink lots of fluids. Feeling well-rested and energized will make for a great session.

When will I get to see my photographs?
For single headshot sessions, I estimate 24 hours for a proof gallery. You’ll then have the opportunity to select your favourite 2 photographs to be edited and retouched before final delivery.

What if I want more than 2 photographs?
You can choose additional photographs to be edited/retouched at the studio’s current rate of $75/photo or $100 for 3 photos.

How often do I need to update my headshot?
This is entirely a personal choice or may depend on the industry you work in. Some industries require a new photo each year and for others this is optional. The average date range for people to get their headshot updated is 2-3 years.


How much time do I need for a branding session?
This is entirely dependent on your intention for your photos and the complexity of the shoot. If you’re looking for simple images for your website, you may only need a handful of images. If you’re looking for a pool of images you can pick from that span over the quarter, then you may need to book a longer session.

I recommend us booking a free consultation to chat through what your ideas are and I can provide a quote for you.

How many photos come with a brand session?
I structure my packages based on how much content you’re looking to post on Social Media. This can range between 30 – 90 images/posts and between a 2 hour and 8 hour session.

What do I need to bring to my session?
This will be discussed during your strategy session where we chat through ideas, goals and work together to figure out your priorities for your photography. We do a brain dump of all the clothing and prop items that could work well then prioritize which are most important.

Do your sessions come with a location rental?
Yes and No. Every session is different and catered specifically to your brand and look. This means that locations are determined specifically for your shoot. I offer a handful of venues as booking suggestions that may fit what you’re looking for. These spaces are great to photograph in and range between $200 – $400 per day booking.


What is the maximum size of product you can photograph?
I currently offer tabletop product photography so the single or group of items must fit within a 3ft x 3ft area.

Do you offer catalogue photography on a white background?
I offer a simple product image on slightly off white for a more natural look. Extraction to make the background pure white is available at a custom rate per image. Let me know the specifics of your needs and I’ll be happy to provide a quote.

Do you offer lifestyle images where my product is in use or in a more natural-looking environment?
I do! This is a custom order and we would need to chat specifics. Cost may vary depending on the style or props that will be required to stage this.

How many photos do I get per product?
The cost for a simple product is by the image. You can opt for 1 or multiple angles of your product. My base product fee includes 5 photos (This could be 1 product and 5 angles. Or 5 products with 1 angle).


What is your minimum coverage?
A minimum 2 hour event coverage booking is required.

Do you photograph indoor events where there may be lighting challenges?
I do what I can in low light situations. A flash may be required if the event location is too dark for the camera sensors to pick up.

Do you take portraits during events?
If your attendees/guests want a group photo, I will happily take a photo for them however the nature of my event photography is photojournalistic and candid to tell a strong story of your event. A portrait booth can be added for attendees to take portraits at for an additional fee.

Book a consultation with Jamie.

The best way for me to provide a better idea of what you’ll need is to book a consultation with me. This way I can better understand what you’re going for and how I can help.