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(Knowledge + Talent) x Attitude = Success // Sebastian

Getting the chance to do creative projects is a rarity when the season gets busy. But amidst the chaos and overwhelm is sometimes…magic.

While I didn’t have much time to plan this shoot, I wanted to document how 2020 has been in the form of portraits. We shot a series of expressions for each month of 2020 and how it’s panned out with this COVID19 pandemic.

I’m sure you can all relate and that each month, week or even day has been a rollercoaster of emotions. One minute the sun is shining and you’re optimistic about the future, the next some other rule is implemented and we’ve gone into lockdown.

Sebastian portrayed these perfectly and also agreed to share his experience over the 2020 year.

What is your business/industry?

I work in the film industry as Director & Actor, most of the time in the independent film industry. 

How long have you been in business/in your industry? 

I have been in this industry for the past 6 years. I started working professionally when I was 16 years oldin the year 2017 in Mexico, Guadalajara. 

What was the start of 2020 like for you and your business/your industry?

The beginning of 2020 was full of opportunities and potential as I was hired for a video company as an editor and videographer with the potential to become one of the creative directors later that year. 

Also after working hard on the production of one of my films Tus Ojos, I was jumping into the post-production trying to finalize the project and send it to festivals around the world. 

What happened for you when March came and the pandemic hit?

All my creative and professional planned frozen. I was laid off at my new job and had to completely stop my post-production process for my film without really knowing when I would be able to finish it. 

On the other hand, I had to adapt business classes to online and learn how to be apart of my family for quite some time now as they live in Mexico and the borders were closed. 

How did you handle it? 

Reality exceeded fiction. I’m a person that believes that everything happens for a reason, and also someone that sees the good side of things. I’m not saying this is any good, but like Anthony Hopkins says “None of us are getting out of here alive, so eat delicious food. Walk in the sunshine. Jump in the ocean. Say the truth.”

Did you pivot? Did you hold your ground? Did you make any changes? 

I took this opportunity to change to a healthier diet and do lots of exercise. I had my ups and downs, but mostly I believe I did hold my ground. I did lots of puzzles, read, and walked a lot. 

Did you notice any change for you emotionally and the confidence in your business/industry being ok by the end of 2020? 

This is a tricky question because going back to set in this atmosphere wasn’t easy at all. As for all the new rules and creative limitations for COVID restrictions we can say that filmmaking became more challenging in all aspects. However, being far away from this world of storytelling reminded me how much I needed it. If something changed in me is that no matter what, I’ll do whatever it takes for me and my team to keep doing what we love following the proper protocols for COVID. 

What’s one tip you can share with fellow business owners/actors/artists who may have gonethrough the same thing or people considering starting businesses in the gig industry? 

The best advice I could give, no matter what is happening in the world right now is to follow this formula :

(Knowledge + Talent) x Attitude = Success 

Right now we’re living a moment in our lives where it is easier to find excuses and not moving forward in our work, but this industry is for the people with the hunger of learning, improving and whoever is up for the challenges. 


Have a creative project in mind? I’d love to hear about it.