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Beat the January blues using light

How do you beat the January blues?

The third Monday of the year is known has Blue Monday and considered the saddest day of the year. The holidays are over, the year has kicked in and the weather is still cold and wet. This year is especially challenging as we’re still in the midst of a pandemic and many of us weren’t able to be with friends and family over the holidays.

Being a photographer, light is very important to me and something that has helped me over the years is having better light in my home. My partner has tanks in our living room with live terrariums that house our geckos and little critters. This has brought a brighter feel to our living room making it much more pleasant to be in. Now, of course, not everyone has little critters in their home nor do they like them.

Here are a few ways you can enhance the light in your home and beat the January blues:

Install Phillips hue bulbs in your light fixtures

These smart bulbs are amazing! The app allows you to change colours and a couple of the options are called “Concentrate” or “Energize”. Keep in mind that you have to get the multi-coloured bulb. The white hue bulb has more of an incandescent (orange/warm) tone to it and isn’t as effective as the coloured/blue bulb.

Create a lantern with Daylight Balanced Video Lightbulb

I first noticed how amazing the light was in my room when I was figuring out cost-effective ways to light my videos and came across these bulbs. You do need to purchase the cord in order to use this and I love the Hemma one from IKEA which comes in black or white. I also bought a paper lantern from a shop in Chinatown that I put around this bulb which made the light nice and soft in my room.

Carry Portable Sunlight with you

I don’t own one of these but I know a lot of friends and family who do and have nothing but great things to say about them. The great thing about this one is you can take it anywhere with you.

Photo of lady sitting on a couch reading a book with her portable day light beside her
One from a brand session with MamaBear Holistic Care.

The light from these bulbs and lights mimic daylight which enhances your energy and mood. It really makes a huge difference in productivity just by turning a single light on in the room you’re in. When purchasing bulbs, make sure you’re looking for daylight bulbs within 5000K – 5600K which mimic mid-day light.

You don’t have to keep all these lights on all day but even having them on for an hour on a darker day makes a world’s difference in mood and productivity. Here’s to beating the January Blues!

Jennifer Kolbuc of Mountain Top Consultation shoots a video of herself using a ring light and phone
Ring Lights were a very popular purchase in 2020 when many of us had to work from home and take a lot of calls on Zoom. Jennifer from Mountain Top Consulting on her brand shoot.


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