Mountain Top Consulting // Branding Session

When clients come to me for a brand session, I ask that you consider your priorities. Are you mainly looking for photos to update your website? Or are you looking for a bank of images for Social Media posts?

This can determine how much time we spend on each story or how we come up with images that fit the dimensions of your web template.

Jen from Mountain Top Consulting posts regularly to Social Media being a Social Media strategist. For her, it’s important that she got a large variety of images that she can pair with copy to communicate how she helps her clients. We shot a variety of outfits, included a few props and also some on plain backgrounds which made it easy for her to crop and edit to fit her style.

Another question I ask is if you anticipate wanting to post anything seasonal. This way we can plan ahead so that these outfits or props are included and you’ll be able to extend the reach of your images.

Every session can be custom tailored to fit your wants and needs from a session. Reach out and we can start the conversation!

Brands featured from this session:

Mountain Top Consulting
Indigo Chapters Mug
Into My Gym Exercise Band
Alderwood Apparel Shirt


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