Rebecca Beaton Coaching // Branding Session

When you book a branding session, we first get to know each other through a strategy call. During this time, I work with you to figure out what story elements make the most sense for your brand and what you wish to share on your website or Social Media.

Some clients want to put more emphasis for their photos specifically for their website and others for Social Media. For Rebecca’s session, we booked in a half-day so we had more time to travel to multiple locations.

We captured some office style images at Suite Genius in Mount Pleasant where Rebecca did a lot of her work and met with clients. Because Rebecca loves trail walking and taking in the calming feelings of nature, we did the second half of our shoot at Pacific Spirit Park beside UBC where she frequents.

Depending on the goal of your final images, a longer day allows for multiple outfit changes as well as multiple locations. If you’re looking for a larger variety of photographs for your image bank, I encourage you to opt for a half or full day session which allows us more time to capture these.


Looking to update the images on your website or perhaps an image bank you can pull from for Social Media? Book a consult with Jamie to see if a branding session is right for you.

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