ladies cheer at a networking event at medina cafe in vancouver

Medina Cafe Dinner // Event

Good vibes, good hosts, good people, and good food make for an enjoyable evening out to make new friends, start business ventures, and start new relationships.

My friends at Lezervations know how to throw one great dinner party and Medina Cafe was simply perfect. Located in downtown Vancouver and walking distance to the Granville or Stadium Skytrain stations, this little cafe always has a line up out the door, especially for brunch (Spoiler alert: Waffles….!).

Lezervations events offer a safe space for the LBTQ community to expand their networks, meet new people and get out to have fun over dinner, drinks and chit chat. The food is always delicious, the vibe is safe and fun and the conversations unforgettable.

Be sure to check out to learn more. (Due to the current COVID19 pandemic, conversations have moved online for the time being until it is safe again to meet in person. Be sure to check out to learn more)


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