Last year, I had signed up to go to the Amazon to help build a classroom. It was my first time ever doing a Volunteer Trip and at the time, I was at a point in my life where I was tired, frustrated, jaded about the world. I felt like I was stuck in a circle that was getting me no where. When the opportunity rose, I took it. After I had handed my credit card number over to the girl who booked my trip, she said to me “Great!! This is so exciting! Let me pass you on to our contact to help you with fundraising!!!” I thought… I had never fundraised for anything before!

Since my trip was only a few months away, I didn’t have much time and the first thing that came to mind was … bake sale! I wasn’t too sure what I needed to do, how much I needed to make. What if I made too little? What if I made too much and no one bought anything!?! What if I don’t sell enough to even cover the costs of ingredients!?

I ended up raising around $300 in the last 2 bake sales I had, one of which was Easter themed which actually brought in more money than the regular. Soo, this time around, I am going all out! What better occasion than Valentine’s Day? I am super stoked to see how this one goes! Next up… cookies!

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